Health & Wellbeing

School Nurse

ISA has a full-time School Nurse who greets the children each morning and checks temperatures and takes note of any children who may be unwell.

If a child is sick, the nurse will ascertain the degree of severity and treat the child, keep the child in her clinic for observation or call the parent to come and collect their child.

If a child is injured and needs to be seen by a doctor, the nurse accompanies the child to the hospital where she meets the parent who decides on the course of treatment.

Parents can insist on their child being taken to the family doctor, however, sometimes the closest hospital or clinic is the better option.


At ISA we want students to learn mindfulness skills in order to relax and focus.

Every day, the students in Primary and Middle School have a 15 minute quiet session where the teacher leads them through a range of exercises to calm the mind and focus their attention.

We believe that this daily habit, drawn from Eastern and Western beliefs, is an excellent way for students to maximise their wellbeing and readiness for learning.

News Headline

ISA Made to the Final Eight in Football Match

After 4 weeks of intense competition, 46 football matches and approximately 180 goals, the ISA - R&F Consulate Championship Football Match has finally come to a close with Spain crowned Champions of Guangzhou.


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