Student Life

Student life at ISA is exciting, challenging, rewarding and fulfilling. The teachers and staff are friendly and supportive.

The school environment is multilingual. It does not matter if you arrive at ISA with little English because you will have friends who can speak your mother tongue and teachers who will help you learn English quickly.

The school provides quality teachers, great learning resources and a rich variety of experiences.

Annual camps, clubs, sports and music are all part of the rich life at ISA.

Sports include: football, tennis, swimming, basketball, golf and athletics.

Clubs include: MUN, Roots and Shoots, Odyssey of the Mind, soccer, basketball, Kung Fu, Lego technology, drama, choir, orchestra, chess, ballet, magazine, cooking, art and much more.

News Headline

ISA Made to the Final Eight in Football Match

After 4 weeks of intense competition, 46 football matches and approximately 180 goals, the ISA - R&F Consulate Championship Football Match has finally come to a close with Spain crowned Champions of Guangzhou.


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