Prospective Families Guide

ISA welcomes all students regardless of their language level in English and/or Chinese up to Year 6.

After Year 6, students need a reasonable level of English to proceed into Middle School classes.

Students applying for Early Years and Primary School are asked to attend an observation day as part of our enrolment assessment.

Students applying for admission to Middle School sit entrance tests in English, Mathematics and Chinese.

Once accepted, students may be admitted at any time during the academic year.

The School reserves the right to deny admission to any applicant if, in the School's opinion, there are reasons to believe that admission would not be in the best interest of the applicant or the School.

Our class numbers are small to ensure every child receives individual attention and support.
Early Childhood ClassesStudents
Primary Classes
Secondary Classes
Parents automatically become members of the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA).

Parents who join the ISA community are welcome to attend PTA meetings and events.

Parents are expected to honour all contractual obligations indicated in the registration form and behave respectfully in their interactions with all members of the school community.

We endeavour to create a positive and harmonious home-school relationship.

Grade Placement

Students are assigned to classes primarily on the basis of age.

However, factors such as previous records, aptitude and achievement, physical and emotional development and other relevant details are also considered.

The final decision rests with the Head of School.

Students should be in the age range shown below, by September 1st of the school year.

Grade Placement Table

K2-3 yearsKindergarten
K13-4 yearsKindergarten
K24-5 yearsKindergarten
K35-6 yearsKindergarten
Y16-7 yearsPrimary School
Y27-8 yearsPrimary School
Y38-9 yearsPrimary School
Y49-10 yearsPrimary School
Y510-11 yearsPrimary School
Y611-12 yearsPrimary School
Y712-13 yearsMiddle School
Y813-14 yearsMiddle School
Y914-15 yearsMiddle School

News Headline

ISA Made to the Final Eight in Football Match

After 4 weeks of intense competition, 46 football matches and approximately 180 goals, the ISA - R&F Consulate Championship Football Match has finally come to a close with Spain crowned Champions of Guangzhou.


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