Lunch Time

School CanteenIn our canteen we choose only healthy, fresh, and safe food for your children.

We offer nutritious and plentiful choice to our students. Our chef selects all ingredients from Metro, a leader in quality and food safety in China. All ingredients are delivered each day for the day's menu, which ensures total freshness.

Our students enjoy a self-service lunch buffet. This helps to develop their independence by allowing them to select the quantity and type of food which they enjoy most. A wide range of colourful dishes are available which will appeal to all children's appetites.

A nutritious international menu has been developed by Chief Chef Tommy and the Head of our School, Ms. Elaine Whelen.

Please browse the comprehensive menus below to get a good idea of the varied dishes offered by our school canteen.

Our two chefs have over ten years' experience working in first-class restaurants.

They form an excellent partnership where they combine Western dishes and traditional Asian cuisine, to produce a diversified menu.

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